Your question: What Pokemon is super effective against Salamence?

What is super effective against a Salamence?

What counters Salamence? Salamence is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Ice moves, and weak against Rock, Dragon and Fairy moves.

Who is good against Salamence?

Top Salamence Counters

Shadow Mewtwo (Psycho Cut, Ice Beam) Shadow Weavile (Ice Shard, Avalanche) Galarian Darmanitan (Ice Fang, Avalanche) Mewtwo (Psycho Cut, Ice Beam)

What kills a salamence?

Choice Scarf is probably one of your most reliable ways of revenge killing Salamence, but only works if Salamence hasn’t reached +1 Speed. If your Choice Scarf Pokemon has more than base 120 Speed, it can revenge kill +1 Salamence with 252 investment, but any lower and Salamence will move before you.

What is Swampert weakness?

Is salamence better than Garchomp?

Garchomp has the higher attack stat, but with Salamence having Aerilate and higher power Normal type moves, Salamence actually has a slight edge. Salamence’s Return is stronger than Garchomp’s Earthquake or Dragon Claw. Not as strong as Garchomp’s Outrage, but Salamence’s Double Edge is stronger than that.

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