Your question: What kind of accent does James from Pokemon have?

How old is James from Pokemon?


James (コジロウ Kojirō)
Age: 18-22
Hometown: Unknown
Family: Grandparents (Nanny and Pop-Pop) and unnamed Parents, Jessebelle (ex-fiance)
Class: *Team Rocket Agent

Is James from Team Rocket rich?

Yes, you read that right: James from Team Rocket is actually filthy rich. In Season 1, Episode 48 “Holy Matrimony”, we learn that James is actually the heir of a filthy rich aristocratic family.

Why did Jessie and James join Team Rocket?

Jessie went to Team Rocket after failing in her attempt to become a Pokémon nurse, partly due to the fact that the Pokémon nursing school she attended was only for Pokémon who wanted to be nurses (in this case, the Chansey), not for people. But she did not know that until their graduation day.

Is James a bad guy Pokémon?

James is a member of Team Rocket, an evil team that tries to capture rare Pokémon. His trio’s main goal is to steal Ash’s Pikachu.

Is Misty older than Ash?

Misty is one companion that’s older. She’s actually 13 compared to his 10. This probably explains why she’s slightly taller than Ash in the early seasons of the anime. At least she’s 13 in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, a loose retelling of the anime.

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Why is Ash still 10 years old?

The anime merely operates on a floating timeline. Time does pass, but past events are “moved up”. So if the show takes place in the current year; if Ash was born in 10 years old in 1997, he’d have been born in 1987, but in 2018, he’s still 10, so he was born in 2008.

How much older is Brock than Ash?

Brock and his family are often used as evidence towards this idea as Brock should always be five years older than 10-year-old Ash and his youngest siblings barely look any older between Showdown in Pewter City and DPS02.