Your question: How do you send trades in Pokémon planet?

How do you send a friend request on Pokémon planet?

Type @ before a person’s username (without any spaces) to send a private message to them. Type % before a message to talk to your clan in global chat. Type /createchat followed by the desired chat name to create your own chat.

Can you trade starters in Pokémon planet?

Note: Starter Pokemon is untradeable. …

Is Pokémon Planet illegal?

Any use of Pokemon Planet other than for private, non-commercial use is prohibited. You acknowledge you will not use Pokemon Planet for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms.

How do you trade with friends in Pokémon MMO?

If you play on Android, you go in Community > Nearby Players > Name of the player > Trade. On the trade screen, you just need to drag the pokemon/item you want to trade or write the money amount, then confirm, wait your friend to confirm too and confirm the trade again.

Can starters trade?

You will not be able to trade your starter as they are trade locked meaning they can’t be traded.

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