You asked: Where is the best place to level up in pokemon Yellow?

What is the best place to grind in Pokémon Yellow?

The best way to level up your pokemon are to put it at the top of your party, then trade it out for a stronger pokemon, then use it to fight when it is at a high enough level. The best places to grind (besides where I said) is at Victory Road pre-Elite 4 and in Cerulean Cave post-Elite 4.

Where is the best place to grind in blue?

The stronger the opponents are, the more experience you obtain from victory. Enter the Unknown Dungeon to the north of Cerulean City after defeating the Elite Four to find the strongest wild Pokemon in the game. Fight the Elite Four repeatedly to gain more experience.

Where do I get lapras in Pokemon Yellow?

Locations: Lapras only appears in one spot in Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow: the Silph Company Headquarters. After you fight Gary, talk to the Silph Co. employee next to him. He will give you a level 15 Lapras.

Can you get Charmander in yellow?

In Yellow, you can get a free Charmander on Route 24. Tips: Charmander is a great starting choice for Red/Blue players, and he’s one of the first Fire Pokemon you get in Yellow as well.

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What is the least popular team in Pokemon go?

But it’s not just their approach that causes Team Instinct to fall behind in gym battles—it’s also their numbers. By huge margins, Team Instinct is the least favorite Pokémon Go team to join. Without thriving members, the team is unlikely to take over gyms or recruit new members.

Is there an exp share in yellow?

Red/Blue/Yellow. In Red, Blue, and Yellow, there is no way to get Exp. Share, because Pokémon can’t hold items in this generation. In the place of this, there is the Exp.

Is there an exp share in Gen 1?

The Exp. Share (Japanese: がくしゅうそうち Learning Equipment), called Exp. All in the Generation I games and formatted Exp. Share in the Generation II games, is a type of item introduced in Generation I.

How do you get rare candy in Pokémon Yellow?

Continue to Surf until you encounter a wild Pokemon that is level 0 or level 1. KO that Pokemon, then head back to land. Look in your Items pouch. You will have 99 Rare Candies.