You asked: Is Pokemon XYZ a shounen anime?

Is Pokemon a Shonen anime?

Shonen is primarily for teen boys. Only Kodomo is for kids. That’s all. Pokémon is considered a kodomo.

What category of anime is Pokemon?

IMO, Pokemon is primarily a Fantasy Adventure Shonen Anime. It includes creatures with supernatural forms (Fantasy), it’s about traveling (Adventure), and it is primarily aimed at young boys (Shonen) based on who the protagonist is.

Is Ash a Shonen protagonist?

Ash is naturally, the stereotypical shounen protagonist – but that’s not inherently a bad thing either.

What is the shounen genre in anime?

One particular anime is called shonen. First, shonen anime is a category of anime made specifically for younger boys. Usually there is some type of main character, normally male, who has muscles, good martial arts abilities, and some type of ability to enhance their strength.

What is kodomo?

Kodomo is the Japanese word for child. Kodomo may also refer to: … Children’s anime and manga (Japanese: Kodomo, manga with a target demographic of children.

Is Ash a good protagonist?

And for that purpose, Ash Ketchum is a GREAT protagonist. He’s excited, fairly intelligent, good to his friends and his magic pets, and always willing to go outside of his comfort zone. He’s everything that you should be when you’re playing your game. … Because you’re already the very best, like no one ever was.

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Why Ash is a great character?

His character designs are highly imaginative and colorful. His Pikachu was so iconic, it became Pokémon’s mascot and also one of the most iconic characters in gaming history, he however became the anime’s mascot. In general, Pikachu has always become the best friend of his owner, Ash Ketchum.