You asked: How do you get stairs for your secret base in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

How do you find your secret base in Pokemon Omega Ruby?

You can find a Secret Base with the StreetPass function of your 3DS, or you can create a QR code specifically for your secret base. To create a QR Code, go onto your Secret PC (the laptop in your base), select Manage QR Code patterns, and select Share a Secret Base.

Can you fly to your secret base in Pokemon?

You can only Fly to the route/area that your base is in, not the actual base. So yes, you have to use HMs and bikes. But it would be good if you could go straight to your base.

Where do you get secret power in Ruby?

1 Answer. Go a little way up from Slateport past the desert. When you find someone standing in front of a tree, talk to him. He will give you secret power.

How do you know what hidden power your Pokemon has Oras?

In the second house from the left in the top row of Fortree City, you will find a house with these old women in. While one gives you TM10, Hidden Power, the one on the right will tell you what type your Pokémon’s Hidden Power will be if it uses the move.”

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Where can I buy stuff for my secret base?

Super-Secret Base

Many can be bought at the Decoration Floor in the Lilycove Department Store, and at the Secret Base Guild in Fortree City.

How do you get Platinum rank in your secret base?

You need 1,000 flags to reach Platinum Rank. You collect Flags by visiting other Bases, and taking their Flag when you arrive. You can also get them from Secret Pals, as shown above. Hope I helped!