You asked: Can you get Eevee in Pokemon Crystal?

Can you breed Eevee in Pokemon Crystal?

2 Answers. Breeding any Eeveelution with a Ditto will bring about a baby Eevee, so you can get more Eevee if you choose to do so.

Can you breed an Eeveelution with Ditto?

Although it should be noted that this version cannot be evolved and so you’ll need to catch a Ditto and breed them to create one that can be. Eevee has eight different evolutions: Vaporean, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon.

How do you get a thunderstone in Pokemon Crystal?

Heading to Johto Route 38 gives you the chance to battle Lass Dana, who will give you her phone number after defeating her Electric-type Flaafy and Water-type Psyduck. Occasionally, she’ll call you and offer you a Thunderstone as a gift.

Is espeon or umbreon better?

Espeon is a great sweeper. It has a legendary special attack and high speed. But it can easily be KO with one move. Umbreon is a great tank.

How do you make Eevee happy in Pokémon Crystal?

In all games, the following methods will raise your Eevee’s happiness:

  1. Simply walking around with Eevee in your party.
  2. Feeding it a vitamin (Hp Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, PP Up or PP Max)
  3. Leveling it up.

What Pokemon can breed gyarados?

Breed the male Red Gyarados with a female Ekans until you get a female Ekans, which will be in the Shiny Family. Breed her with a male Ekans until you hatch a male, which will be in the Shiny Family. Breed him with a female Cyndaquil until you hatch a female, which will be in the Shiny Family.

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Is togepi a good Pokemon?

It is no problem, though. Togekiss is a great Normal/Flying type to add to a team because of its great bulk and offensive capabilities, but sadly is not in generation two, but even Togetic is decent stat wise in terms of bulk and offense. It has access to great movesets, but this is what I would give it.