Why is substitute good Pokemon?

Is substitute any good Pokemon?

Substitute is an amazing attack and is really helpful competitively; however, its not very good in-game. Here is the point of it: For just 25% HP, your Pokemon can enjoy a safeguard against weaker attacks, immunity to status effects, and a protective barrier that puts your opponent under a lot of pressure to attack.

What Pokemon should I teach substitute?

By TM / TR

Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur
Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise
Butterfree Pikachu Raichu
Alolan Raichu Sandshrew Alolan Sandshrew
Sandslash Alolan Sandslash Nidoran♀

What moves hit through substitute?

With the release of Generation VI, sound based moves such as Hyper Voice and Growl can bypass a Substitute and affect the user directly. As well, Generation VI made it so that a Pokemon with the Ability Infiltrator can hit a target using Substitute.

How many turns does substitute last?

The Substitute also blocks the trapping effect for 2-5 turns. Substitute will block full-trapping moves (Block, Mean Look and Spider Web). If a Pokémon with a Substitute hurts itself in confusion, the damage goes to the Pokemon, not to the Substitute.

How much HP do you need to substitute Pokémon?

Substitute. Substitute creates a small copy of your Pokémon. Creating a substitute removes 25% of your Pokémon’s original HP; the sub can suffer exactly that many points of damage before it breaks. Once it is created, and until it breaks, all damaging attacks on your Pokémon hit the sub instead.

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Where is the substitute TM sword?

TR20 Substitute – Purchased for 3,000 Watts from the trader in Dappled Grove.

What is the best way to substitute Pokemon?

Substitute works well with:

  1. Focus Punch.
  2. Calm Mind/ Bulk Up/ Dragon Dance (or any stat raising move)
  3. Encore (to trap a Pokemon into a certain move, like Bulk Up if you’re a special attacker or setting up rocks; best used by Prankster Pokemon like Whimsicott or Volbeat)
  4. Baton Pass.

Does dynamax hit through substitute?

Dynamax Pokémon cannot have a substitute. If a Pokémon Dynamaxes while it has a substitute, the substitute disappears.

What is tyranitar’s hidden ability?

Sand Stream. Unnerve (hidden ability)