Who is the smartest Pokemon Professor?

Who is the oldest professor in Pokemon?

16 Professor Rowan Is The Oldest Professor

Although we don’t have concrete ages for most of the cast, Professor Rowan is explicitly stated to be at least sixty years old, making him the oldest of the Pokémon Professors.

Is the masked Royal Professor Kukui?

The Masked Royal is finally unmasked—he’s Professor Kukui! It’s time for the Alola Pokémon League’s exhibition match, and Ash is more excited than ever to battle his mentor in a six-versus-six Full Battle.

Why is Professor mirror not a tree?

The New Pokemon Snap Professor

But unlike all other Professors, this one is not named after a tree. While there’s no official explanation on why his name is Mirror, it can be inferred that it is because a camera has a mirror lens and it is more appropriate than a tree name.

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