Which Pokemon can learn the move cut?

What is the best Pokemon to teach cut?

The 10 Best Pokemon To Learn Cut

  • 8 Rattata.
  • 7 Bidoof.
  • 6 Scyther.
  • 5 Kingler.
  • 4 Greninja.
  • 3 Crobat.
  • 2 Gallade.
  • 1 Kartana.

How do I get my Pokemon to learn cut?

1 Answer. Press start, then go to the “pack”, move to TMs/Hms, then select cut. After that, it will show a screen with all your pokemon, then choose the one you want to teach it to. Keep in mind only some pokemon can learn certain Tms/Hms.

How much damage does cut do Pokemon?

Cut is a Normal-type Quick move in Pokémon GO that deals 5 damage and generates 5 energy. It is weak against Rock and Steel Pokémon.

What TM is cut in Pokemon Blue?


HM# and Name Description Location
HM 01 – Cut 1. Normal attack 2. Cut down trees S.S. Anne (Vermilion City)
HM 02 – Fly 1. Flying attack 2. Warp to towns Route 16
HM 03 – Surf 1. Water attack 2. Swim Safari Zone (Fuchsia City)
HM 04 – Strength 1. Normal attack 2. Push rocks Fuchsia City (Safari Zone warden)
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Can Bibarel learn fly?

Between Bidoof and Starly, you should be able to make it through the first half of the game without any HM related problems as Bidoof can learn Rock Smash and Cut while Starly can learn Fly and De Fog. If you have time, level up your Bidoof and evolve it to Bibarel.

How do I get HM cut?

Cut can be obtained by the caption of S.S. Anne in Vermilion city after recieving the S.S Ticket from a guy named Bill in a house above the Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City. After obtaining the ticket, you can travel to Vermilion City and enter the S.S. Anne ship.

Which TM is cut?

Cut (Japanese: いあいぎり Iai Cut) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move introduced in Generation I. It was HM01 prior to Generation VII.

Cut (move)

Type Normal
Category Physical
PP 30 (max. 48)
Power 50
Accuracy 95%

How do I cut bushes in Pokemon Red?

Press “A” next to any small bush in the game. A dialog box appears asking if you would like to use Cut. Select “Yes.” The bush is now cut down and you can progress onward.

Is cut a good move in Pokemon go?

Cut is a Normal type fast move that deals 5 damage and generates 5 energy in Pokemon GO.

Cut stats in Pokémon GO.

Name Cut
Category Fast Move
Power 5
Energy +5
PvP Power 3

Is Greninja the only Pokemon that can learn water shuriken?

Water Shuriken (Japanese: みずしゅりけん Water Shuriken) is a damage-dealing Water-type multi-strike move introduced in Generation VI. In Pokémon X and Y, it was one of the signature moves of Greninja. In Generation VIII, it is the signature move of Accelgor.

Water Shuriken (move)

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Type Water
Accuracy 100%
Priority +1

Where do I go after I beat Misty in Pokemon Yellow?

To progress after beating Misty, you must head north to Routes 24 & 25 and help Bill. For your efforts he will give you the S.S. Ticket. Head back towards Cerulean, and then head south to Route 5, and take the underground path to Route 6 and Vermilion City beyond.

Where do I get Flash Pokemon Yellow?

HM05 – Flash

It’s found in Route 2, south of there. If you had a Pokemon who knows Cut, you’ll be able to continue through this pathway until you see an area close to Viridian Forest. There’s a Professor’s Aide waiting here to offer you Flash if you have caught up to 10 Pokemon before that point.