Where is Route 17 in Pokemon White?

How do you get to Route 17 in Pokemon White?

To get to Route 17 and 18, use Fly to go to your home town, Nuvema Town and walk north to Route 1. Use Surf on the west side of Route 1 and follow the water to a shore in the west.

Where is Route 18 in Pokemon White?

Map. Route 18 is in south eastern Unova, only accessible by surfing through Route 17’s rapids. The main part of the route is taken up by a hilly island in the west.

Is Larvesta a legendary?

Lastly Volcarona and Larvesta are the only pokemon, outside mythical and legendary pokemon, to be capable of learning a move at lvl 100.

How do I get to the P2 laboratory in Pokemon White?

P2 Laboratory (or P2 Lab) is a small island with a lab on it. It’s located in South Eastern Unova. The only way to reach it is by going West on the Southern half of Route 17, North on Route 18, and East on the Northern half of Route 17. Inside the Lab is a Scientist.

What Pokemon can you catch on Route 17?

Pokémon Let’s Go: Route 17 – available Pokémon, items and trainers.

Trainers and Battles.

Trainer Name Pokémon Level
Lass Mila Flareon 36
Ace Trainer Johnson Wartortle Magneton Marowak 40 39 39
Punk Guy Corey Primeape Graveler 38 38
Coach Trainer Grantley Fearow Beedrill Sandslash 40 40 41
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