Where do I get Eevee in Pokemon Yellow?

What can Eevee evolve into Pokemon Yellow?

1 Answer. If the player beats the rival at both Oak’s Lab and the early optional battle at Route 22, Eevee evolves into Jolteon. If the player loses one of these two battles or passes up the Route 22 battle, Eevee evolves into Flareon.

Where is the Eevee in the Celadon Mansion?

Sneak into the building through the back door (while you’re in the backyard, head all the way to the west to grab an Ether ) and you will get your hands on one of the coolest Pokémon in the game: Eevee. Go up the various staircases until you reach a lone man in a room with a Pokéball. Grab the Ball to get the Evee.

Can you catch Mew in yellow?

You can’t legitimately catch a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow. … Mew #151 is a bonus Pokemon not found in the first three Game Boy games (unless you use a GameShark device to unlock it — but that can potentially screw up your save file, as well as render the game save incompatible with Pokemon Stadium.

Which Eevee evolution is the best in yellow?

And since there is only one Eevee in Red, Blue and Yellow, you better choose wisely:

  • #134 Vaporeon : This Water type has very high HP, great Special and good Attack stats.
  • #135 Jolteon : Gets my vote for best Electric type in the game. …
  • #136 Flareon : Don’t underestimate this small, but fierce Fire type.
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Which Eevee evolution is the strongest?

The Water-type Vaporeon is among the strongest Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution in our Pokemon Go Tier List, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon and Umbreon to name the rest. Below we list the Eevee Names needed to force a specific Eevee evolution.

What does Blue evolve his Eevee into?

Blue (game)/Yellow

Eevee will evolve into Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon, depending on the results of two early battles against the player: the first battle at Professor Oak’s lab in Pallet Town and the optional second battle on Route 22.

What should I evolve my Eevee into?

Once you’ve walked 10km with that Eevee as your buddy Pokemon, it’s ready to evolve into either Epseon or Umbreon. Just evolve in the day for Espeon and night for Umbreon – and this isn’t limited, you can do it as often as you like!

What stones make Eevee evolve?

Below are the Eevee that evolve with stones:

  • Flareon: Fire Stone.
  • Glaceon: Ice Stone.
  • Jolteon: Thunder Stone.
  • Leafeon: Leaf Stone.
  • Vaporeon: Water Stone.