Where can I get wide lens in Pokemon White?

How much does wide lens increase accuracy?

Effect. Boosts the holder’s accuracy by 10%.

Is Wide Lens a good item?

Using Wide Lens as an item would be acceptable if you had it, since there aren’t really alot of good items anyway, but since you need to get the item and spend time/money on it, no point.

Where is the wide lens in Pokemon White 2?

It should be around the corner from the stairs on the second floor.

How much does hustle lower accuracy?

Hustle increases the user’s Attack stat by 50%, but lowers the accuracy of the user’s physical moves by 20%.

What is the difference between a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens?

A wide-angle lens increases your horizontal scope, while a telephoto lens allows you to focus in on a subject from far away. … Wide-angle lenses generally have a longer depth of field, which means that they are not the right fit for a situation like portrait photography, where you only want the subject in sharp focus.

How much accuracy does zoom lens give?

It boosts accuracy by 20%, but only if the pokemon moves last!!! Further, Zoom Lens’ text indicates that it does not boost the accuracy of the move, but the pokemon. So, it belongs in the Other modifiers category. It does not counteract Hustle in the way you think it does.

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Does wide lens work with fissure?

Wide lens doesn’t effect them.

How do you get wide lens in Pokémon Black?

Black/White: The Wide Lens can be obtained from a man in the Castelia City Pokémon Center, who gives out items based on how many people you’ve traded with. You can get the Wide Lens by talking to him after trading with five people.

How do you make a Pokémon move more accurate?

Much like in the core series games, Abilities such as Compound Eyes boost the accuracy of moves. Additionally, beginning from Gates to Infinity, moves can be ranked up when they are used over time, which will also increase the move’s accuracy.

What is Darumaka hidden ability?

Hustle. Inner Focus (hidden ability)

What is Galvantula hidden ability?

Pokédex data

National № 596
Species EleSpider Pokémon
Height 0.8 m (2′07″)
Weight 14.3 kg (31.5 lbs)
Abilities 1. Compound Eyes 2. Unnerve Swarm (hidden ability)