What Pokemon is good against Giovanni’s Persian?

What should I use against Giovanni?

Giovanni’s final option for his second Pokemon is Cloyster. The Water and Ice-type Pokemon has good defenses, but if you bring enough Pokemon that use the following types you should be ok: Electric, Grass, Fighting and Rock-type attacks.

What kills Giovanni Persian?

Healthy alternatives can be Empoleon, Kyogre, or Dialga with Iron Head will bring it down. Persian: This is Giovanni’s iconic Pokemon. Fighting-type Pokemon will bring this down in no time. Bringing along a Machamp, Blaziken, or Lucario will bring down Persian in battle.

What is the weakness of Persian?

Can you fight Giovanni twice?

As well as from monthly quests, as long as you have a Super Rocket Radar in your inventory, you can fight Giovanni at any time. It has been a reward in several additional quests, so they might be worth saving until a month where the Shadow Pokémon reward available is one you want to stock up on.

What Pokemon can beat golem?

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Golem are:

  • Kingler,
  • Kyogre,
  • Zarude,
  • Roserade,
  • Rillaboom.

How do you beat Giovanni moltres?

While rock attacks are your best pick, given Moltres’ quadruple weakness, both water and electric are viable options too. If anything, having a water type on your teamm, like Blastoise (which can mega evolve) or Swampert (which can also learn ground attacks), could turn the tide against Nidoking as well.

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