What Pokemon does Koga have in fire red?

Is Koga the 5th or 6th Gym Leader?

Koga is a Poison-type specialist. He is the leader of Fuchsia Gym, being the fourth, fifth or sixth gym leader a player can face, and also the third member of the Johto Elite Four.

What is Koga ace Pokemon?

His Pokémon Yellow team was very lackluster (as seen in the next entry), but he was quite a threat here. His ace is a level 44 Venomoth. This beastly creature packs a moveset of Bug Buzz, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, and Protect.

How old is Koga Pokemon?

Koga (Adventures)

Koga (キョウ Kyō)
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fuchsia City
Region: Kanto

Why did Koga become elite four?

Koga became a E4 member because ninjas are too cool to just be gym leaders. They also too cool to just be E4 member, they only cool enough to be champions.

Why does Koga have the soul badge?

Koga resides in Fuchsia City and uses Poison-type Pokémon in battle, while Sabrina lives in Saffron City and fights with Psychic-type Pokémon. If the player defeats Koga, they earn the heart-shaped Soul Badge. If the player defeats Sabrina, they earn the gold coin-like Marsh Badge.

What badge is the soul badge?

The fifth/sixth badge in Fire Red and Leaf Green is the Soul Badge.

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