What Pokemon can you find on Route 104?

What Pokemon can be found in Route 104?

Route 104 (Japanese: 104番道路 Route 104) is a route in west Hoenn, connecting Petalburg City, Rustboro City, and Route 105. The route is divided into two halves by Petalburg Woods.

North section.

Pokémon Wurmple
Games AS
Location Grass
Levels 4-7
Rate 40%

Where is the cottage on Route 104?

Briney’s Cottage. Go south from Rustboro City and go through Petalburg Woods to reach the south part of Route 104. You can find Mr. Briney at the cottage there.

What Pokemon can be found on Route 103?

Route 103

Pokemon Area Method
Wingull.jpg Wingull Grass Water Walking Surfing
Pelipper.jpg Pelipper Water Surfing
Zigzagoon.jpg Zigzagoon Grass Walking
Shellos Grass DexNav: after Cave of Origin

Does Petalburg Woods count as a new route?

Outside Petalburg woods is still technically route 104, so no new pokemon yet.

Does Slakoth evolve?

What can you catch on Route 104?

Catch Pokémon

In Route 104, you can find Wurmple, Taillow, and Wingull. Also, in Ruby and Sapphire you can find Zigzagoon. In Emerald you can find Marill and Poochyena.

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How do you break the rocks in Rusturf tunnel?

Once you reach Verdanturf Town, enter the tunnel from the opposite side and use Rock Smash to destroy the rubble blocking the tunnel.

What is Zigzagoon hidden ability?

Gluttony. Quick Feet (hidden ability)

Where is Route 103 in Ruby?

Route 103 is located at the north of Oldale Town and west of Route 110. This is the place where the rival is first battled.

Can you find Ralts on Route 102?

In Route 102, you can catch Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, and you have a 1% chance of encountering Ralts. In Pokémon Ruby and Emerald, you can also find Seedot. In Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald, you can find Lotad.

What is Mudkips hidden ability?

Torrent. Damp (hidden ability)