What Pokémon can learn belly drum?

Is Belly Drum good Pokemon?

Belly Drum is a risky move that raises the user’s Attack stage to the maximum level of +6 regardless of the original stage, but in return for such an explosive boost rids the user of 50% of its maximum HP, leaving it open to being easily knocked out in subsequent turns.

What Pokemon can learn belly drum and baton pass?

1 Answer. Only Smeargle can learn this combo.

Can snorlax learn belly drum?

Snorlax is known for its extreme damage sustainability, & its ability to utilize moves such as Belly Drum without much of a drawback thanks to its Hidden Ability “Gluttony”.

Is Belly Drum a good snorlax move?

Return is Snorlax’s preferred STAB move due to its high power and perfect accuracy. … Belly Drum boosts Snorlax’s Attack to +6, allowing it to OHKO practically anything in the format, at the cost of 50% of its health.

Is Belly Drum an egg move?

Belly Drum can only be learned via Egg Move, Level Up, or by Default.

Can Diggersby learn belly drum?

Diggersby doesn’t even learn Belly Drum.

Does Smeargle evolve?

Evolution. Smeargle does not evolve.

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Can Smeargle learn dark void?

Smeargle is a centralizing Pokemon in the VGC metagame due to its utility and ability to shut down both foes with Dark Void. … Dark Void, however, is the best support move Smeargle can learn and the main reason why you should use Smeargle.

Can Clefable learn belly drum?

Yes. You can breed it with Slurpuff, which can learn both moves. Why you want Belly Drum on a Clefable is a total mysetery but you could if you wanted to, I guess.

How do you teach a Slurpuff belly drum?

1 Answer

  1. Breed male Poliwag/ Poliwhirl with Belly Drum onto a female Marill/ Azumarill.
  2. Breed resulting male Marill with female Swirlix/ Slurpuff and the offspring will have Belly Drum.

What does Z belly drum do?

Z-Belly Drum is a Normal-type Z-Move that heals the user, then halves it’s health and maximizes it’s Attack.