What level does Sandshrew evolve in Pokemon unbound?

How do you get Alolan Sandslash in Pokemon unbound?

Upon receiving the quest from the man within the northeast house in Bellin Town, an Alolan Sandslash will break into the house and steal their food. Upon exiting the house, the Alolan Sandslash will head towards the Icicle Cave. Upon entering Icicle Cave, the Alolan Sandslash will open up a new section of the cave.

What is meowth weakness?

Who does Sandile evolve into?

Where is rock smash unbound?

He will teach the move in exchange for 2 blue shards.


Item Location
HM06 (Rock Smash) Given by Hiker in northeastern most house
Fresh Water Obtained from gym guide

How do you evolve scyther in Pokemon unbound?

You can find scyther in the redwood village. But, you need a Pokémon that knows headbutt (You can use shroomish but you might need a heart scale), after that, headbutt the tree’s untill you find scyther, after that, just use the metal coat on him and you should be able to evolve scyther into Scizor.

Can you mega evolve Sandslash?

Mega Sandslash is the Mega Evolution of Sandslash.

Is Alolan Sandslash good?

In other words, Alolan Sandslash is not a good Ice meta Pokemon at all. But when we look at it as a Steel type, its meta changes into a situational Pokemon. This is all due to its moves: Metal Claw and Gyro Ball.

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Where can I trade Sandshrew Alolan?

Location: NPC Trader at Celadon City can be found in the right side of the Pokemon Center. Alolan Sandshrew is exclusive to Let’s Go Pikachu and will be found at the Celadon City NPC. You must trade with them at Level 27 or above.