What is the order of Pokemon shows?

Where do I start the Pokemon series?

The easiest place to start is right at the beginning with Indigo League. This is the start of the show, and introduces you to the original 150 Pokemon also found in the original game and in Pokemon Go. You should watch that entire series and the first film. Then if you want to continue after that you can.

What is the best way to watch Pokemon?

Hulu Plus. In terms of sheer volume, Hulu is easily the best place to go to watch Pokemon.

What order should I start watching Pokemon?

2. Chronological Order

  1. Season 1: Indigo League.
  2. Season 2: Adventures on the Orange Islands.
  3. Season 3: The Johto Journeys.
  4. Season 4: Johto League Champions.
  5. Season 5: Master Quest.
  6. Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!
  7. Pokemon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  8. Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution.

Will there be a Pokemon Season 24?

The season follows Ash and Goh as they travel around the world, based at the Cerise Laboratory in Vermilion City in Kanto. In the United States, episodes are added quarterly on Netflix, beginning on September 10, 2021 with the first twelve episodes.


Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series Season 24
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