What is the fastest way to get exp in Pokémon planet?

What is the fastest way to level up fishing in Pokemon planet?

There will be a “Hook Icon” that moves left and right. You will need to press the Space Bar to stop the hook. If the hook lands in the yellow box, you will hook a Pokémon. If the hook lands on the tiny green box, you will perfectly hook the Pokémon which will give you more Fishing XP.

How do you get EXP share in Pokemon planet?

Exp Share is an item obtained by fainting or capturing wild Pokémon. It splits the experience points that the user earned in Pokémon battles. To use Exp Share, drag the item to the item slot in your Pokémon by clicking their name above. This way the experience will be split equally between the two Pokémon.

What is the fastest way to get money in Pokemon planet?

You get money from selling gemstones, defeating wild pokemon, defeating other trainer’s pokemon, or selling things in the global marketplace. Money is important for buying things from the vendor or the global marketplace. You can also gamble your money away in the casino located in celedon city.

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How do you move faster in Pokemon planet?

A bike is an item that grants the player faster moving speed that walking. The bike is the fastest way to move in the game. Once the player has a bike, it can be used by clicking/tapping the hotkey “B”. A bike can be purchased from the Bike Shop in Cerulean City for $50,000.

Where can I train my Pokemon in Kanto?

Location of Magnet Train in Johto and Kanto. The Magnet Train (Japanese: リニアモーターカー Maglev Train, lit. Linear Motorcar) is a maglev that runs between Johto’s Goldenrod City and Kanto’s Saffron City. It allows rapid travel between the two cities, moving at over 340 miles per hour (over 550 kilometers per hour).

What does a rare candy do in Pokemon planet?

Effect. Using a Rare Candy on a Pokémon raises the Pokémon’s level by 1, ending up with the minimum amount of Experience Points of that level after leveling up. It also raises the Pokémon’s friendship by a little. If used on a fainted Pokémon, it would be revived in addition to leveling up.

How does Exp all work?

An Exp. All is an item that allows all party Pokémon to gain experience from a battle, including Pokémon that do not participate in the battle. It can be turned on or off by using it; if turned on, an Exp. All will take effect as long as it is in the player’s inventory.

Does Pokemon planet have exp share?

The EXP Share (Enhanced) is found in the Elite Shop (Lance) next to Pokemon Center in the Indigo Plateau. You’ll need to defeat the Kanto Elite Four to unlock the Elite Shop. It can be purchased with Elite Tokens (20). Obtaining Elite Tokens is done by defeating Elite Pokemon.

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Can you fast travel in Pokemon planet?

We don’t have the outside battle effect to use Fly, but we have the next best thing: Ferries! For a small fee, you can fast travel through different parts of every region ingame. You need specific badges/requirements to unlock most travel points. … Once you get the Volcano Badge, you can now use the Ferry Service!

What does gold member do in Pokemon planet?

Some achievements can give gold membership as prizes as well as Tournaments. You can also get GMs from Easter Eggs, Mystery Boxs or Christmas Presents. They also can be dropped by a shiny pokemon.