What is the best Pokemon to fight gengar?

What is the best Pokemon to use against gengar?

The best Pokemon Go Gengar counters are Shadow Mewtwo, Mega Gengar, Mewtwo, Shadow Metagross, Mega Houndoom & Shadow Alakazam.

Who can defeat mega gengar?

While bringing powerful Ghost and Psychic types could help any trainer to defeat Mega Gengar, its moveset could spell trouble for them–and we’ll get into that in the section below. Mega Houndoom and Mega Gyarados’ Dark typing and Dark-type moves make them the premier attackers against Mega Gengar.

Is gengar an evil Pokemon?

Gengar, also known as the Shadow Pokémon, is a dual Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. … While Gengar is not a sinister Pokémon by nature, there were many instances of where Gengar served as villains.

Can you beat Gengar solo?

A Tier 3 Gengar raid can be effectively solo’d, as outlined in our Gengar Solo Raid Guide, while you will need at least 2 (we recommend 3) players to take down a Tier 4 Gengar raid boss.

Can Mega gengar be Duoed?

Mega Gengar can be duoed, but it can also be difficult as it requires top-tier counters such as itself + Ghost types, Mega Houndoom + Dark types, or Psystrike Mewtwo. … The safest way to achieve the duo is to use Psystrike Mewtwo against Focus Blast, or Mega Gengar + Ghost types against Focus Blast.

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Can you solo mega raids?

Especially when it’s something like Mega Gyarados, the souped-up form of a very popular classic Pokemon. You go out (mask on, of course) and see several Mega Gyarados raids awaiting your challenge. … It’s not long before the truth sets in: you can’t solo these raids, so no Mega Gyarados for you.

Which gengar to mega evolve?

Pokémon Go Mega Evolution list and energy cost

Pokémon Energy cost (first time)
Pokémon Energy cost (first time)
Blastoise 200 Blastoise Mega Energy
Beedrill 100 Beedrill Mega Energy
Gengar 200 Gengar Mega Energy