What is the best plate to use on Arceus?

What is the best item for Arceus steel?

The best moves for Arceus (Steel) are Iron Tail and Hyper Beam when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

What is the most powerful type of Arceus?


Steel Arceus is one of the most threatening Arceus types that exist. With its superb defenses and typing, Steel Arceus is by far the best Dragon-type switch-in in the game. The most threatening set Steel Arceus possess is Calm Mind.

Do plates only work on Arceus?

As UberPwnage said, all plates raise moves of the same type bye 20%. The only reason arceus can change its type and color is because it has the ability called multitype, which other pokemon cant get.

Do plates change Arceus type?

There is a plate for every type except Normal. All of the plates power-up moves of that specific type, and you can also give Arceus the plate to change its type. Depending on which plate Arceus is holding, the move Judgment changes type.

What is Arceus weak against?

How many plates do you need for Arceus?

How many plates do you need to spawn arceus? By collecting all 17 different types of plates, using each one on an Arc Chalice will grant you the Azure Flute, An item used to summon Arceus. There are 17 different types of plates, following the number of available Pokémon types.

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What type is Arceus?

What happens when you get all Arceus plates?

Plates are Held Items that change the Type of the Legendary Pokemon Arceus and his Special Move Judgement. The plates can also be used to power up specific Type attacks, just like other Type-Enhancing Items. All plates are hidden in underwater trenches around Hoenn.

What is a pixie plate?

It is a stone tablet that boosts the power of Fairy-type moves. SMUSUM. SwSh. An item to be held by a Pokémon. It’s a stone tablet that boosts the power of Fairy-type moves.