What happens if you release your starter Pokemon sword?

What happens if you release your starter Pokemon in sword and shield?

In the core series Pokémon games, Pokémon can be released using the Pokémon Storage System. However, a Pokémon cannot be released if it is the only Pokémon in the player’s party. Once the Pokémon is released, it is removed from the player’s possession and cannot be encountered again.

Can you switch out your starter Pokemon?

No never, Pokemon is all about playing how you want to play it. If you pick a starter for your game and then trade it for something else that’s your choice and yours alone. If you want to do a Platinum Oak Challenge, its your choice. You wanna do a nuzlocke its your choice.

Should you keep your starter Pokemon sword?

It’s important to think about your choice, but remember that after you choose, you can move on with the rest of the game and really get into it. If you end up not totally loving the starter Pokémon that you chose, you could always put it in your box and not keep it in your party.

What happens when you release a Pokemon in sword?

Once you have released a Pokemon you cannot ever get it back. … Releasing Pokemon is good when your storage box is full and you want to capture or breed more Pokemon. Keep in mind that there are a maximum of 32 storage boxes available, as more boxes will open up once the initial 8 boxes each contain Pokemon.

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Do starter Pokemon have better stats?

The starter Pokémon are all meant to be pretty even but some of them have better base HP stats than others! … Walls, tanks, and more supportive Pokémon with handy status moves are also crucial elements in a team.

Can a starter Pokemon have perfect IVs?

1 Answer. The starters in the Let’s Go series are guaranteed perfect IVs. According to this guide, it’s hardcoded as such in the game code, and the perfect IVs is also confirmed on Serebii.

Can I change my starter Pokemon shield?

The only way to change your starter Pokemon is to restart your game from the beginning. Check Out Which Starter Pokemon To Choose!

Should you replace your starter Pokemon?

You may replace your starter if it has a very bad IVs and a very bad nature such as Modest on your Physical Blaziken. Only replace your starter if you caught a good Pokemon with very good IVs/Nature.