What happens if you give a moonstone to Eevee?

What Pokemon can use a moonstone?

Moon, the Pokemon Sword and Shield Moon Stone can be used to evolve Clefairy into Clefable and Munna into Musharna.

Can Eevee evolve into umbreon with a moonstone?

Keep it simple: Sun Stone for Espeon, Moon Stone for Umbreon, Shiny Stone for Sylveon (since that stone is already used on two Fairy-types). Dusk Stone could be saved for a future Ghost-type Eeveelution.

When should I evolve Nidorino?

Evolve it at level 22, getting Nidorino’s Horn Attack and NidoKing’s Thrash and Megahorn. Evolve it at level 43, getting Nidorino’s Fury Attack and Flatter, and Nidoking’s Megahorn. Evolve it anytime after level 53 for Nidorino’s Horn Drill.

What evolves with a Moon Stone shield?

Jigglypuff is the fourth Pokemon from the first generation to evolve with a Moon Stone, making the first generation the one with the most Pokemon that evolve with this particular stone. In fact, that is four out of the six Pokemon in total that evolve with the Moon Stone.

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