What does gold member do in Pokemon planet?

What does GM mean in Pokémon planet?

Gold Membership or (GM) is a Promotion which gives you bonuses and extras. With GM. +50% Exp and Money.

What does a Christmas blessing do in Pokémon planet?

– All pokemon on the new Christmas maps have a chance to drop Christmas Coins, which can be redeemed for prizes after saving Santa. Drop Rate Blessings will increase the Christmas Coin drop rate. – IV Resets, Antlers, and Red Noses have been added to the Credit Shop under the Event tab.

How rare is a shiny in Pokémon planet?

Encounter Rate

Base Rate Rare Charm
Very Rare 1/600 (0.166%) 1/545 (0.183%)
Extremely Rare 1/5,000 (0.02%) 1/4,545 (0.022%)
Legendary 1/125,000 (0.0008%) 1/113,636 (0.00088%)
Shiny 1/8,192 (0.012%)

What does World blessing do in Pokémon planet?

World Blessing and Drop Rate Blessing each give, when activated, up to 500 PP per blessing. This equals to how many people are online at the time. If you use the blessing when 350 people are online, you would get 350 PP but if 650 was online, you would get 500 since the cap is 500.

Is Pokemon planet safe?


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Can you buy Pokemon Pokemon planet?

You can buy, auction, or sell items and Pokémon here there’s a tab for each in the upper left.

How do you get the world blessing in Pokemon planet?

Obtaining it

World Blessings can be bought from the Credit Shop. It costs 300 credits (270 after discount from Gold Membership). They are also one of the possible prizes from Mystery Box and Item Bomb, some achievements and can also be found inside Easter Eggs and Presents.

Does Pokemon planet have Shinies?

Shiny Pokemon are the same as normal ones with the following exceptions: They have different colors. They have 20 IVs+

How do you level up fast in Pokemon planet?

When it comes to leveling up, there are only two ways: grinding (e.g. battling opponent after opponent for a really long time to gain exp and eventually level up) or rare candies (duh).