What do you do after you beat the 5th gym in Pokemon Diamond?

What do you do after beating the 5th gym in Pokemon Platinum?

Where do I go after I get surf in Pokemon Diamond?

You’ll want to teach Surf to a Water-Type Pokemon immediately, as it is one of the strongest Water-Type moves in the game with a good amount of PP. Besides being able to explore the high seas later on, it also inflicts heavy damage in battle as well. After getting HM03, use Fly to teleport to Hearthome City.

Where do I go after I beat Fantina?

After defeating Fantina, you can leave Hearthome City by the southeastern gate. You meet Barry in the gate, who immediately challenges you into a battle. Barry uses Staravia, Monferno, Roselia and Buizel in case you chose Turtwig for your first Pokemon.

Where does the galactic grunt run to?

On the route, you’ll run along the beach and then swing northward through the resort town’s main office. Northward from there, you’ll ultimately scare off the Galactic Grunt as he scurries off to Lake Valor.

Pursuing the Grunt to Route 212.

Pokemon Trainers to Fight Trainer Name Galactic Grunt
Pokemon (w/ LV.) Croagunk (LV. 31)
Money $1,240
EXP 550

What do you do after you beat the 3rd gym in Pokemon Platinum?

After beating the Veilstone Gym, go to the northwestern corner of Veilstone City. You find Lucas/Dawn has got into trouble with two Team Galactic Grunts. Team up with Lucas/Dawn and do a Tag Battle against two Galactic Grunts to let Lucas/Dawn reclaim his/her Pokedex.

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How do you beat Mismagius?

Mismagius is a Ghost type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Ghost and Dark moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Mismagius are:

  1. Calyrex (Shadow Rider),
  2. Chandelure,
  3. Gengar (Costume 2020),
  4. Gengar,
  5. Dragapult.

Does Buizel evolve?