What are in the eggs in Pokemon Gaia?

How do you get Charmander in Pokemon Gaia?

The Fire-type Super Egg you can buy from Edashore Nursery has a chance of hatching into Charmander.

How do you get an Eevee egg in Gaia?

Go upstairs to get a Nugget from the guy eating at the counter and then head downstairs for some battles. These trainers will all have Smeargles. Upon beating the artist, Vincent, he will give you an Egg with an Eevee inside.

How do you get clefairy in Pokemon Gaia?

The Clefairy from the Meteor Festival retreats here after it is startled by the earthquake. In order to get it to come home, the player has to sneak up behind it.

Where do you get a moonstone in Pokemon Gaia?

Moon Stone: [Rock Smash, Rock Climb] Hidden in rock south of rock climb wall by the northeast grass patch.

Is turtwig a Pokemon?

Turtwig (Japanese: ナエトル Naetle) is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Grotle starting at level 18, which evolves into Torterra starting at level 32.

What Legendaries are in Pokemon Gaia?

Legendary Pokémon

  • Forged trio.
  • Guardians Sextet.
  • Origin Duo.
  • Paransec.

What is clefairy hidden ability?

Friend Guard (hidden ability)

What generation is Gaia?

Pokémon Gaia is a ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed. Taking place in the new region of Orbtus, you can find and catch Pokémon up to Generation 6. It is authored by Spherical Ice, who released the latest update of the game in October 2018.

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