Quick Answer: Where do I get the card key in Pokemon Gold?

Where is the key in Goldenrod City?

Upon finding the real station manager in the second basement of the Goldenrod Department Store, he will give the player a Card Key to open the door on the third floor that separates the upper floors of the tower in two.

How do you get the basement key in Pokemon Gold?

Feel free to return to the Pokemon Center to heal at any time. On the top floor, you’ll see the director is actually a Team Rocket executive who you’ll have to fight. When you beat him, he’ll give you the Basement Key.

Is there a Pokemon that only appears in the morning?

Some Pokémon are matutinal, which means they appear more frequently in the wild in the morning, or do not appear at all unless it is morning.

Pokémon active in the morning and daytime.

Pokémon Pidgeotto
Games G
Locations Routes 2, 5, 8, 10, 13, 14, 25, 27, 37, and 43

How do you get through the ice path in Pokemon Gold?

You need to grab the HM07 (Waterfall) over there in order to finish the game. Enter the ice from as far up as you can, then go up, left, down, left, up and right. All the sliding is not behind you yet, but first you will need to use Strength to shove some boulders around.

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What level does Quilava evolve?

Quilava undergo evolution, a metamorphic change within a Pokémon caused by gaining experience in battle, twice. They can evolve as a Cyndaquil into Quilava, their Stage 1 (middle) forms at level 14, and again into their Stage 2 (final) forms, Typhlosion, at Level 36.

How do you get the Rainbow Wing in Pokemon Gold?

In Pokémon Gold and Pokémon HeartGold, after defeating Team Rocket and liberating the Goldenrod Radio Tower, the Radio Director gives the player a Rainbow Wing.

Where is the underground in Goldenrod City?

Goldenrod Tunnel

Goldenrod Tunnel The Underground コガネちかつうろ Kogane Tunnel “Wild Missingno. appeared!”
Location: Downtown Goldenrod City
Region: Johto
Generations: II, IV
Location of Goldenrod Tunnel in Johto.

What do I do after catching red gyarados?

By surfing into the middle of the lake, the player will encounter a red Gyarados. After catching, defeating or fleeing from it, the player will receive a Red Scale. Lance, of the Elite Four, will be waiting for the player on the shore afterwards, and will speak of the secret Team Rocket HQ in Mahogany Town.