Quick Answer: What Pokemon does Erika use?

Is Erika Psychic Pokémon?

Bring Fire, Flying, Psychic or Bug Pokemon

Erika’s Pokemon are Grass Types and are weak to Fire, Flying, and Psychic Types attacks.

How old is Erika from Pokémon?


Erika エリカ Erika
Age: 18 or 19
Hometown: Celadon City
Region: Kanto
Badge: Rainbow Badge

How old is Koga Pokemon?

Koga (Adventures)

Koga (キョウ Kyō)
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fuchsia City
Region: Kanto

Why is Sabrina a gym leader?

Sabrina (Japanese: ナツメ Natsume) is the Gym Leader of Saffron City’s Gym, known officially as the Saffron Gym. She hands out the Marsh Badge to Trainers who defeat her.


Sabrina ナツメ Natsume
“The Master of Psychic Pokémon!”
Leader of Saffron Gym
Badge Marsh Badge
Specializes in Psychic types

Is snorlax a Pokemon?

Snorlax is a Normal type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1 . It is known as the Sleeping Pokémon .

Is there a poison-type gym?

The Fuchsia Gym (Japanese: セキチクジム Sekichiku Gym) is the official Gym of Fuchsia City. It is based on Poison-type Pokémon. In Generations I, III, and VII, the Gym Leader is Koga.

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