Quick Answer: Is outrage a good Pokemon?

Is outrage a good move in Pokemon?

Outrage is a Dragon-type Main move in Pokémon GO that deals 110 damage and costs 50 energy. It is strong against Dragon Pokémon and weak against Steel Pokémon.

Is outrage a good move for Dragonite?

Outrage and Draco Meteor are great moves for Dragonite. Draco Meteor will slightly outperform Outrage in some situations, but Outrage is still the best charge attack for Dragonite overall due to several reasons.

How much damage does outrage do?

Outrage inflicts damage for 2-3 turns, has a base power of 90, and 15 PP. PP is deducted only on the turn Outrage is first called. While the user is using Outrage, it cannot use any other move. After Outrage is finished, the user becomes confused.

By leveling up.

# 130
Pokémon Gyarados
Egg Groups Water 2

Is outrage a good move for Hydreigon?

2 Answers. Both Dragon Pulse and Outrage are good moves and it really depends on the situations your in, If you are looking to use Hydreigon last as a late Sweeper keep Outrage to finish foes off. If you are using it in early game keep Dragon Pulse.

Is Hyper Beam a good move?

Hyper Beam is one of the best attacks in the franchise, and it is known as the most potent Normal-type move that fans are able to teach their Pokémon. It can be taught both by leveling up and by TM, which means that many different creatures in the series are able to learn this attack one way or another.

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Is dragon claw or outrage better?

Use Outrage if it has a scarf, because it’s locked into a move anyways. Use Dragon Claw or Dragon Rush if it has a Wide Lens, because they are both pretty powerful moves (honestly I see Stone Edge on a lot of Garchomps, and it will benefit as well).

Is dragon breath physical or special?

Dragon Breath (move)

Type Dragon
Category Special
PP 20 (max. 32)
Power 60
Accuracy 100%