Quick Answer: How many Trainers are in Pokémon Ruby?

Can you battle trainers again in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the PokéNav’s Trainer’s Eyes or Match Call has similar functions to the Pokégear, keeping track of Trainers who eventually want to re-battle the player. … Seeker is obtained, the second after the player has defeated FantinaDP/Crasher WakePt, the third after defeating Cyrus at Mt.

Is Ruby a boy or girl Pokemon?

Ruby (Adventures)

Ruby ルビー Ruby
Ruby in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter
Age 15 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday July 2

Who is Brendan’s girlfriend Pokemon?

Background. Brendan, age 10, lived in the Hoenn region. He picked up a Mudkip from Proffesor Birch and then went off to journey in the Kalos region, where he met Nathan, Rachel, Calem, and Serena. While in Kalos, he was reunited with his girlfriend, May, who had also gone to Kalos to continue her journey.

Can you rematch trainers in Ruby?

In Ruby and Sapphire, the PokéNav will keep track of 69 unique Trainers and alert the user when they want a rematch. The only requirement is that the player must have obtained five Badges first.

Can you rematch Gym Leaders in Ruby?

Gym Leaders cannot be refought and you will only start receiving rematch notifications after you get your fifth badge. The more frequently you show up in a specific trainer’s location, the more often they will be prepared for battle.

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Where can I buy vs seeker?

To get the Vs. Seeker you will need to go to Vermilion City, and can be obtained without beating the game first.

How did Ruby get his scar?

He is slightly tall for his age and lean with bright ruby red eyes, and wears a white and red hat over his hair. … His hat covers his scar on his forehead that he got from a fight with a Salamence when he was younger.