Quick Answer: How do I get Arceus to learn Judgement?

How does arceus get Judgement?

Judgment (Japanese: さばきのつぶて Judgment Strike) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move introduced in Generation IV. It is the signature move of Arceus and varies in type depending on the Plate held by the user.

Judgment (move)

Type Normal
Power 100
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}

What does arceus Judgement do?

Judgment inflicts damage. Its type varies with the kind of Plate the user is holding. For example, if Arceus was holding the Flame Plate, Judgment’s type is then Fire.

What TMS can arceus learn?

Moves learnt by TM

TM Move Type
03 Psyshock Psychic
04 Calm Mind Psychic
05 Roar Normal
06 Toxic Poison

Does Judgement get stab?

“Due to the types of both Arceus and Judgment being determined by the Plate held, Judgment always receives STAB when used by Arceus.”

Who created Arceus egg?

Arceus creates all of the legendaries and the egg from which he would sprout, being all powerful. After the creation Celebi takes the egg that Arceus created and takes it back before time began flowing, and space existed.

Who killed arceus?

Arceus is forced into a pit and is wounded by silver water and electrical attacks, which Arceus became vulnerable to after it gave Damos the jewel. Marcus’ intention is to kill Arceus himself to save the future.

Can arceus learn every TM?

No. Though rumours say they can, they cannot. They’d both be too overpowered if they were to do so. Both of their movepools are large (Mew particularly) though they cannot learn every move.

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