Is umbreon good Pokemon Platinum?

How good is Umbreon in platinum?

Umbreon is A Rank in the Platinum Viability Rankings on the Nuzlocke Forums, which means it’s extremely solid and will fit in nicely on pretty much any team.

Who is better espeon or Umbreon?

Espeon is a great sweeper. It has a legendary special attack and high speed. But it can easily be KO with one move. Umbreon is a great tank.

What is the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon renegade platinum?

You might think you can evolve it into any form you like. But there is only one correct Eeveelution to use in Renegade Platinum: Umbreon.

Is Psychic good for umbreon?

Umbreon is weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type opponents. However, Umbreon is resistant to Psychic, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon. … While this attack is the most ideal move for Umbreon to know as its charged-attack, Foul Play is another great option.

Is umbreon good in game?

While Umbreon is a better Pokemon competitively (by a narrow margin, but still), ingame teams need a fast and strong attacker to quickly finish battles, a field Espeon excels in, whereas Umbreon is quite lackluster.

Who is the weakest Eeveelution?

Physical sweeper. Leafeon is by far the best even though has slightly above average speed he has awesome attack and defense and far outclasses Flareon who is the weakest eevee evolution.

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Why is Umbreon so bad?

while not including Abilities (like Synchronize) nor movesets that would buff/debuff/affect status (like Curse, Toxic, etc.). Thus, Umbreon is a defensive poke with little battling use in PoGo because it can only access offensive moves and it lacks its key ability, Synchronize, to further remain defensive.

What is the least popular Eeveelution?

Least Favorite Eeveelution?

  • Vaporeon. Votes: 8 10.4%
  • Jolteon. Votes: 14 18.2%
  • Flareon. Votes: 16 20.8%
  • Espeon. Votes: 3 3.9%
  • Umbreon. Votes: 7 9.1%
  • Leafeon. Votes: 15 19.5%
  • Glaceon. Votes: 14 18.2%

Is Umbreon a boy or a girl?

Umbreon (ブラッキー) is the 185th Pokémon in the Johto Pokédex. It is a Dark-Type, and is known as the Moonlight Pokémon.


Umbreon ブラッキー
Gender Ratio
Male: 87.5% Female: 12.5%
Evolves From Evolves Into
Eevee None

What is the best Eeveelution for a Nuzlocke?

1 Answer. Leafeon is decent, but Grass doesn’t hit very much super effectively, especially towards the endgame. Grass does nail Hapu, but so does Primarina, assuming it doesn’t die. Espeon is very solid, as it can learn moves like Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, and Shadow Ball.

Why Glaceon is the best Eeveelution?

Glaceon is definitely the stronger of the gen 4 evolutions for Eevee; it ranks as one of the better ice-type Pokemon in the game, only really behind Mamoswine and legendary Pokemon Regice and Articuno.