Is timid good for Tyranitar?

What are the best IVs for Tyranitar?

Tyranitar can be used in the Great League from level 14 to level 16. Tyranitar’s best PvP IVs in the Great League are 0 / 15 / 15 at level 14.5.

What is the best nature for a Larvitar?

When using Dragon Dance, a Jolly nature is recommended as Larvitar will hit 21 Speed after a Dragon Dance, which is enough to outspeed every unboosted Pokemon, while still reaching a huge 36 Attack stat. However, when using Rock Polish, an Adamant nature is recommended, as Larvitar needs all the power it can get.

Is tyranitar a sweeper?

Tyranitar can be a sweeper or a tank or a mix.

How good is tyranitar?

Overall, Tyranitar is an excellent choice to add to your roster in Pokémon Go. It’s not going to be a broken Pokémon like a shadow Machamp, Garchomp, a shadow Gyarados, or an Excadrill with mud shot. Still, it’s extremely reliable in PvP and PvE for you to rank up and capture several legendary Pokémon.

What is Tyranitar hidden ability?

Sand Stream. Unnerve (hidden ability)

What makes Tyranitar good?

The standard Tyranitar usually ruins common threats like Dragonite, Landorus, Ferrothorn, and others, while having the massive bulk to take many hits. He has a wide Movepool, so it can run Movesets such as Physical, Mixed, Special, and Support just to say a few.

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