Is Pokemon hidden fates getting a reprint?

Is hidden fates coming back?

The complete Hidden Fates expansion will be available to play in the Pokémon TCG Online when the expansion launches on August 23, 2019.

Series Sun & Moon Series
Release Date August 23, 2019
Number of Cards Over 150
Standard Legal Deck? No

Is Pokemon going to reprint?

Reprinted products are expected to be available at retailers as soon as possible,” the company said in a statement on the Pokémon website. … As for future trading card expansions, the message says that the company is “maximizing production to increase product availability upon release.”

Is there a hidden fates reprint?

Hiddden Fates Tins are back to preorder again! Due to the massive demand, the Pokemon Company has decided to reprint these tins and they look better than ever.

Will hidden fates cards increase in value?

The Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box has only increased in value. … Before the original reprint, Hidden fates ETB sealed started to double and even triple in value. As the set stops printing again, the box will likely increase in value exponentially and be profitable.

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Does hidden fates have first edition?


What is the rarest card in hidden fates?

Pokemon Hidden Fates Price Guide | TCGplayer

PRODUCT Rarity Number
Misty’s Water Command Holo Rare 63/68
Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX Ultra Rare 44/68
Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX (Full Art) Ultra Rare 66/68
Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX (Secret) Secret Rare 69/68

Why is hidden fates so hard to find?

The reason being is that Pokémon have restricted the release of Hidden Fates booster packs to be only available with other TCG products, meaning that you can’t buy singular Hidden Fates booster packs.

Can hidden fates be weighed?

The heaviest packs may have a regular GX or Holo with a reverse holo but packs with a shiny GX and non holo rare have still been weighed fairly light. they are weighable. make sure you get something from a trustworthy website or is completely sealed. No they are not, don’t spread misinformation.

Is champions path ETB being reprinted?

ETBs won’t be reprinted and they’re very collectible. Target those. No guarantee of that, reprinting of Hidden Fates ETB is already announced. The cards – sure.

Is Champion’s path being reprinted?

Champion’s Path being reprinted and restocked (Via @PlayPokemon on twitter) Thank you for supporting the #PokemonTCG: Champion’s Path expansion. We’re aware that some fans have not been able to purchase the set at retail due to high demand.

Will shining fates get a reprint?

Unlike Champion’s Path, Shining Fates is largely a “reprint” set, which means that most of the cards found in the booster packs are alternative versions of other popular cards from earlier Sword and Shield sets.

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