Is Pokemon brick bronze gone forever?

Why was Pokemon brick bronze deleted 2021?

Pokémon Brick Bronze

It was removed from the platform in April 2018 by Roblox administrators, reportedly after copyright concerns were raised by Nintendo. … Pokémon Brick Bronze played much like a traditional Pokémon handheld game. At the beginning, players chose 1 out of 21 Pokémon from numerous games.

Why did Pokemon brick bronze close?

Users over at Reddit have recently discovered that a Roblox game by the name of Pokemon Brick Bronze was taken down. … It is the running theory that Nintendo finally noticed what was going on and issued a copyright violation to Roblox.

How long is Pokemon brick bronze?

It’s roughly 45 min for a full day/night cycle in pokemon Brick Bronze. 🙂 22.5 mins till night? Tsk Tsk.

When did PBB shut down?

The network was shut down by the government in July 2020 for allegedly committing a slew of violations.

Did Pokemon fighters Ex get deleted?

The game was shut down on August 5th, 2018.

What is the best starter Pokemon brick bronze?

In my opinion, Mudkip is the best starter. 1st Gym – Electric: Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp easily, requiring minimal grinding. This will make Marshtomp immune to Electric because of it’s Ground typing.

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What happened to Project bronze Roblox?

“Project bronze” Has been closed temporary and has changed its name. Its now changed to “Babysitting simulator”. … even if they had a non-Pokémon related name and thumbnail, Nintendo/ Roblox found and deleted them.

Who is the voice behind Kuya of PBB?

In 2011, Director Laurenti Dyogi had to prove he was not ‘Kuya’ in an interview with Boy Abunda on Bandila. It finally put an end to talks that Dyogi owns the well-known voice. In that interview, Kuya described himself as 40-year old medium-built guy with fair complexion.