How much does it cost to max out an item in Pokemon unite?

How much does it cost to upgrade an item in Pokemon unite?

One item enhancer costs 10 tickets (50 will cost you 500 tickets).

How do you upgrade items in Unite?

Once you reach trainer level 9, you may upgrade your items in the Items screen. You can access the Items screen from the Battle Preparation menu. You will need to obtain Item Upgrade Kits from the Item Store for 10 tickets each, or via rewards.

How many item enhancers do you need for Level 20?

Pokemon Unite Held Items upgrade costs

Held Items Item Enhancers Needed to Upgrade
Level 19 65
Level 20 80
Level 21 100
Level 22 120

What is the max held item level in Pokémon Unite?

Held Items in Pokémon Unite can be leveled all the way to Grade 30. Their stats increase with each level, but the bonuses of the main effect max out at Grade 20.

What are the best held items in Pokemon unite?

Muscle Band is a held item you can give to almost any Pokémon to make its basic attacks faster and deal more damage. Since every Pokémon’s basic attacks deal Attack damage, and basic attacks are probably the most-used method of attacking in the game, Muscle Band is arguably the strongest offensive held item.

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Why is Pokemon unite pay to win?

The Pokémon Unite pay to win mechanic stems from how these Item Enhancers are obtained and how much of an advantage they give to those who upgrade Held Items faster than the non-paying public.

Can you buy item enhancers?

What are Item Enhancers? Item Enhancers are items that are used to upgrade Held Items, increasing their effectiveness in battle. They can be bought in the Aeos Emporium.

What level should I upgrade my Pokemon unite?

Pokemon Unite players will have to reach Trainer Level 9 to unlock the ability to upgrade held items. You can do this simply by playing games. This earns players the experience points needed to reach new levels. Once you have reached Trainer Level 9, go to the main screen of Pokemon Unite.

What do item enhancers do in Pokemon unite?

One of the most important items for players who want to succeed in Pokémon UNITE is Item Enhancers. These are used to upgrade held items, which have become exceedingly more important for players at the highest level. There’s a stronger version of Item Enhancers. Super Item Enhancers will max out held items’ levels.

How do you level up held items?

How to upgrade Held Items

  1. From the main menu press the X button.
  2. Select Item Box.
  3. Go to the Held Items tab.
  4. Choose the Held Item you want to upgrade and click “Give”
  5. In the new menu, go to All Held Items.
  6. Select the Held Item you want to upgrade and choose Upgrade.
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