How do you sort bags in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you organize your bag in Pokemon Platinum?

Inside of the Bag menu, the player will find a list of all their items, ordered by default from the first kind obtained to the most recently obtained. Players may rearrange these items with the select button, except in the Berries and TMs and HMs pockets, which are automatically ordered.

How do you sort your Pokemon bag?

You can use the button with the two circular arrows (see the bottom boxed button) to sort TMs (in the TM compartment of your bag) alphabetically or by number.

Is Pokemon Platinum better than diamond?

Platinum is mostly better in terms of Pokemon distribution, game speed and quality of life tweaks (diamond and pearl are slooow), and post-game content. Since you have both and SoulSilver, Pokemon distribution isn’t a problem.

Is Pokemon Platinum the hardest?

Generation IV isn’t that much harder than Generation III– and certainly not when it comes to the Battle Frontier– but Platinum is much harder than Emerald was and HeartGold and Soul Silver do an incredible job at remaking Generation II, ironing out Johto’s imbalanced difficulty curve.

What is the difference between diamond pearl and Platinum?

The most obvious difference between Platinum and Diamond/Pearl is the look of the game. … You can see that the weather, in general, is colder throughout the game. There are patches of snow are found all the way to Twinleaf Town. There is still some warmer areas, such as where the Battle Zone used to be in Diamond/Pearl.

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Is Platinum the best Pokemon game?

Although not perfect, Platinum deserves to be on this list as one of the best Pokémon games of all time. Pokémon Platinum finished what Diamond and Pearl started—successfully transitioning the franchise over to the Nintendo DS.