How do you relearn moves in Pokemon Quest?

What is move Training Pokemon Quest?

Move Training and Learning in Pokemon Quest – how to retrain your Pokemon to change moves. Much as with ‘paying’ to quickly level up a Pokemon, you can head into Pokemon Quest’s training menu to find the Move Training option.

How do you get more move slots in Pokemon Quest?

Your Pokémon can learn new moves by using Move Learning, which is accessed by tapping “Edit Team” then the “Training” button on the right. Once you’re in the Training menu, simply tap “Move Learning” to open its menu. The Move Learning menu is identical to the default Training menu, which just awards experience.

Is alakazam good in Pokemon Quest?


Getting one with a good move is much more challenging. Like every starter Pokémon in the game, Abra evolves into its final form at level 36. As Alakazam, it has a base of 700 Attack and only 100 HP, so it’s a good thing that it’s a ranged attacker.

What is the best move for Alakazam in Pokemon Quest?

Synchronize or Inner Focus is Alakazam’s special ability while its hidden ability includes Magic Guard. The best Alakazam moveset includes Confusion and Psycho Cut.

Is snorlax good in Pokemon Quest?

Snorlax is always good in virtually any Pokémon game, assuming you like slow Pokémon with a huge amount of HP. He’s even one of the best in the end-game of Pokémon Quest. As such, Snorlax is also the most difficult Pokémon to obtain on this list. Snorlax’s HP starts at 650 with Attack at 150.

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Is it better to have one or two moves in Pokémon Quest?

23 Tip: Pokémon With Only One Move Are Actually Better

The Pokémon you befriend in Pokémon Quest either knows only one or two moves. … If you have a Pokémon with one move, it means you can equip one more Power Stone in the move slot which could make that one move more dangerous for your enemies.