How do you register your bike in Pokemon?

How do I register my bike to the Select button in Pokemon Crystal?

1 Answer

  1. Open the “KEY ITEMS” pocket.
  2. Select the key item, then select “REGISTER”

Can you register items in Pokemon Yellow?

No, you cannot.

What does registering an item do Pokemon?

If only one function or item is registered, it acts the same as in previous generations and does not bring up the Ready button interface. The button’s list is limited to 25BW/34B2W2 entries which can be rearranged by pressing SELECT.

How do you use the bike in Pokemon Black?

Okay first open your back, then go to your key items. Next to your items you’ll see a little check box. Click on the item you want and hit Register. This will let you use the item.

How do you use the bike in fire red?

To get a bike in Fire Red and Leaf Green you first need the Bike Voucher. It can be found in Vermilion City after talking to the man in the video! Now go to Cerulean City and enter the bike shop to get your bike!

Can you actually buy the bike in Pokemon?

It can be bought for 1,000,000, or exchanged for a Bike Voucher. However, as only 999,999 can be obtained at any time, there is no way to buy a Bicycle without a Bike Voucher. The Pokémon Fan Club Chairman in Vermilion City will give out his Bike Voucher, making this the only viable way to get the item.

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