How do you refresh Pokemon go?

How long does it take for Pokemon to refresh?

The time it takes can vary depending on your connection, but generally speaking it takes 5 minutes before a Poke Stop refreshes. If you find a bench nearby and are low on Pokeballs you can chill out and keep taking items from the stop ever 5 minutes once it refreshes.

What does refresh game data mean Pokémon GO?

237d. It won’t delete your account. It just clears the data, sort of like clearing your cache on a web browser. 2.

What happens if you reset your game data in Pokémon GO?

If it appears that your gameplay progress has been reset, please be assured that your gameplay progress has NOT been lost. You may have inadvertently created two Pokémon GO accounts: one account using Google and one using Pokémon Trainer Club.

How often do Pokémon GO reset?

The weekly reset in Pokémon GO occurs every Monday at 9am during your local time. There’s no time conversion needed.

How long do you have to wait before you can spin a Pokestop again?

Every time you spin a PokéStop for items, it becomes unavailable to you until it can recharge. When a PokéStop is blue, it is available to spin. The PokéStop then turns pink, and slowly fades back to blue when it’s refreshed and may be spun again for supplies. Typically, that recharge time has been five minutes.

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What happens if you refresh your game data?

Refresh your Game Data

Refreshing your game data can resolve a variety of gameplay issues you may be experiencing. Note: Refreshing your game data may untoggle Adventure Sync. If you have Adventure Sync enabled, check that it’s still toggled on after refreshing.

Can you restart Pokemon go?

Since you can’t reset your account, you’ll just have to delete it. Well, it’s not that simple. Deleting your in-game account takes a few steps, and even then it doesn’t register right away. You can’t do it within the app itself, either.

Where is Pokemon Go data stored?

Pokemon Go is a client server based application, so you can reinstall the app as necessary. This means that all the data is stored in the ‘cloud’ not on your device.

Can I delete my Pokémon Go account and start over?

Please keep in mind that all verified deletion requests are irreversible. All game data associated with your account will be completely and permanently deleted. To permanently delete your Pokémon GO account, please submit a request through our web-based Help Center and select “Delete My Account” from the dropdown menu.

Why is my Pokemon Go GPS not working?

If you are receiving the “failed to detect location” error, there may be a setting called “mock locations” that is preventing you from playing Pokémon GO. To turn off this setting, visit Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options and make sure that “Select mock location app” is disabled.