How do you go underground in Pokemon Platinum?

Can Platinum be found underground?

Most of the mining for platinum ore occurs deep underground. … Once the broken ore is transported to the surface of the mine, it is crushed by machinery into small pieces and mixed with water and chemicals, which bind to the platinum and other metals. The complex process for refining platinum.

How do you dig in platinum?

To find spheres, tap on the touch screen until you see sparkles on the wall. Wall up to the parts and press A. Then, use your hammer and pickaxe to dig up items by tapping on the touch screen.

Is platinum worth more than gold?

Platinum: Despite being nearly identical in appearance, platinum is more valuable than gold. Platinum’s high price point can be attributed to its rarity and density as precious metals are often priced by their weight.

Can you get both fossils in Platinum?

3 Answers. Digging for fossils can take a fair while. In Diamond/Pearl you could only get one of the fossils (i.e. cranidos in one game, shieldon in another). I believe in Platinum you can get both but one is really really rare.

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What do I do with spheres in Platinum?

Spheres can be used to purchase many things that a player will need to decorate their Secret Base, as well as traps which can be set up throughout the underground. Hikers that stand at some of the corners of the Underground will offer to trade these items for the Spheres.

How do you find your secret base in Pokemon Platinum?

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, secret bases can be created in the underground after receiving a Digger Drill from the Old man in Eterna City. Then you can trade spheres for more Digger Drills in the Sinnoh Underground.

How do you get rid of big boulders in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you get rid of big boulders in Pokemon Platinum? Capture the Flag! As mentioned earlier, you can run into other Players and your friends in the Underground. By finding their base, grabbing their flag and returning to your own, you can clear away the boulders inside your base.

What is Gligar hidden ability?

Sand Veil. Immunity (hidden ability)

How do you get a skull fossil in Pokemon Diamond?

How to obtain

  1. Go to Eterna City and gain the explorer kit from the man in the house next to the bike shop. You must then use the explorer kit to go into the Underground.
  2. Once in the underground you must mine the walls; however, to get a skull fossil the last digit of the trainer ID must be odd.

What is Gible hidden ability?

Rough Skin (hidden ability)

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