How do you get Yveltal in Pokemon glazed?

How do you get Genesect in Pokemon glazed?

After you defeat Regina at the Fusion Labs,Talk to a White Man near at the stairs at the right of Fusion Labs Cave entrance. He will give you a Genesect.

How do you get Celebi in Pokemon glazed?

After defeating the Johto E4, you will find the Ilex Forest green and thriving once more. Interacting with the Ilex Shrine will cause Celebi to appear.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon glazed?

I mentioned this in the last part, but to get Jirachi, you need to obtain the Wish Ticket by doing the room service sidequest in Serenity Isle. Then, you talk to the guy on the right in the harbor in Oceanview City and he’ll take you to Wish Island.

Where can I get blank CD in glazed?

You can turn a Blank CD into any TM by talking to the guy at the computer in the west-most house in Evergreen Town.

What do you write on the shrine in Pokemon glazed?

When the shrine is interacted with, you will be asked if you want to etch something on the shrine. If the phrase “THANK YOU…” (using the ellipsis character) is written, a clearing will appear ahead, where Shaymin can be battled and captured after a event “borrowed” from Mew’s.

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