How do you get to Blizzard city in Pokemon unbound?

How do you get to Crater town in Pokemon unbound?

Located south of Route 5. The cave entrance in the center of town leads to Valley Cave. The south KBT Expressway entrance will lead to Fallshore City, the next location to head to after defeating the Blizzard City Gym.

How do you get rock smash in Pokemon unbound?

Rock Smash needs the 3rd badge and you get it in the city of the 3rd gym. Strength needs 4 badges and you get close to where you fight the 4th gym. The only exception being Fly (1st badge but got after the 4th because Fly early game makes no sense) and Dive (post game HM. but needs the 8th badge).

Where is the Valley cave in Pokemon unbound?

(Hidden) Southwest of Gentleman Thomas, just east of the ladder. (Rock Smash) Northwest of Gentleman Thomas.

Where is the DexNav in Pokemon unbound?

Where can I get the DexNav? Missions is the only option showing to the right of my start menu. It should be in Blizzard town, top left of the map.

Where do you get heart scales in unbound?


Item Location
Heart Scale Behind the PokéMart
TM10 (Hidden Power) Given by Ace Trainer in house near Route 11 entrance
Lemonade Southeast of gym
Link Stone Given by citizen in house right of gym
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How do you get unbound water in Pokemon?

5, the player will instead battle Dragon type Gym leader Draco.


Item Location
Fresh Water Obtained from gym guide
TM86 (Grass Knot) Obtained from Mirskle after defeating him
Grass Gem Obtained from gym guide after defeating Mirskle
Ether (Requires Rock Smash) East of Dresco Town entrance

Can you randomize Pokemon unbound?

You can randomize your game only when you have completed your game.