How do you get the lift key in Pokemon Red?

Where do you get the key for the team rocket elevator Pokemon Red?

Where is the lift in Celadon City?

Enter the maze from the top left, and it’s on the left hand side. On this lower floor, you’ll find a couple of items and then another Grunt guarding an item on a desk – it’s the Lift Key!

How do you get through the Team Rocket hideout in Pokemon Red?

Access. The Rocket Hideout is accessed by pressing a switch behind a poster in the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. A Team Rocket Grunt is guarding the poster in question when the player first approaches it.

What happens if you say to join Team Rocket?

After being defeated, they once again offer you the chance to join Team Rocket. When you answer, they accept it but say if you change your mind, you can have a uniform and give you the Blast-off Set. They’ll then leave.

Team Rocket James Koffing
Battle Type Items Level 12
Attacks: Poison Gas Tackle
Hold Item: No Item

How do I get to Giovanni in fire red?

Boss Giovanni

Once you defeat the Boss, you will have the Silph Scope, so head east to Lavender Town and enter the Pokémon Tower. You can now take Route 7 and go through Saffron City to get there more quickly. Simply hand over the tea you got in Celadon City’s Mansion to the annoying guard blocking your way. Voila!

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