How do you check a Pokemon’s hidden power in soul silver?

How do you find out your Pokemon’s hidden power?

Hidden Power’s type is determined by the IVs of a Pokemon. For example, if you have 31 IVs in Attack, Defense, Speed, and HP and 30 IVs in Special Attack and Special Defense, the Pokemon’s Hidden Power type will be Ground. The only types that Hidden Power cannot be are Normal and Fairy.

Where do you get hidden power in soul silver?

Japanese Promos

No. Move Name Location
TM09 Bullet Seed Route 32
TM10 Hidden Power Lake of Rage Celadon City Game Corner (5000 Coins)
TM11 Sunny Day Goldenrod Radio Tower
TM12 Taunt Ilex Forest Burned Tower Celadon City Dept. Store (1,500 P)

How do you know what type Hidden Power is?

The Hidden Power NPC can be found in Paniola Ranch in the Nursery. She will first give you the Hidden Power TM so you can teach it to your Pokemon. After that, she will tell you what type the Hidden Power will be for the Pokemon that she checks.

Does SoulSilver have hidden abilities?

You can’t. Hidden Abilities were not introduced until Generation V. Soul Silver and Heart Gold are Generation IV games, so you cannot obtain Pokémon with a Hidden Ability in Soul Silver simply because Hidden Abilities don’t exist in the game.

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Can Hidden Power type change?

1 Answer. No, a pokemon’s Hidden Power type will never change, even if it evolves. It’s based on the hidden “Individual Values” which are set in stone the second you encounter the pokemon first time.

Does Hidden Power get stab?

So a Flying-type Pokemon using Hidden Power Flying will receive a same-type attack bonus. However, since Hidden Power can never be Normal-type, it is impossible for a pure Normal-type Pokémon to receive STAB when using Hidden Power.

What Pokemon can learn hidden power?

By leveling up

# Pokémon IV
201 Unown 1
307 Meditite 15
308 Medicham 15
412 Burmy 20

How does the move hidden power work?

Hidden Power (move)/Calculation. In the Pokémon games, Hidden Power is a Normal-type move when the type is displayed, such as in battle and on status screens. However, the actual type of Hidden Power is determined by the Pokémon’s individual values, and through calculation, can be set as one of other natural types.

How do I get hidden power ice?

If you want HP Ice, you simply need to keep soft-resetting/ breeding over and over again until the Pokemon hatches with HP Ice. If this is Pokemon BW/ B2W2, you can check the hidden power as soon as you hatch the egg by going to the PKMN center in Mistralton City/ the PWT and asking the HP checker.

What Pokemon is best for hidden power?

Every Pokemon That Can Learn Hidden Power In Pokémon GO

  1. 1 Regigigas. The last Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can learn Hidden Power, together with Zen Headbutt as a fast attack is Regigigas, a legendary, normal-type Pokemon.
  2. 2 Porygon-Z. …
  3. 3 Togekiss. …
  4. 4 Gastrodon. …
  5. 5 Shellos. …
  6. 6 Luxray. …
  7. 7 Ho-Oh. …
  8. 8 Porygon2. …
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