How do I sync Google Fit with Pokémon GO?

Can you link Google Fit to Pokémon GO?

Pokémon Support

Confirm Pokémon GO is connected with Google Fit or Apple Health. Google Fit: Open Settings > Google > Google Fit > Connected apps and devices, and confirm Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device.

Why is my Google Fit not syncing with Pokémon GO?

Inside Pokémon GO, simply go to SETTINGS > ADVENTURE SYNC > TURN IT ON! > ALLOW and give Pokémon GO permission to access Google Fit data from the Google account linked with your Google Fit. If Sync isn’t working after that, go to your Settings on Fit and make sure Storage and Locations permissions are allowed, too.

How do I force Google Fit to sync?

Force sync your watch & phone

  1. On your phone, open the Google Fit app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Journal.
  3. At the top, tap Sync .

How do you trick Google Fit Pokémon GO?

Use the Defit app for Android device

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Step 1: Go to the Play Store to install the Defit app on to your device from the Google Play Store. Step 2: Open the app on your device. Step 3: Then, open the Google Fit app and grant it the necessary permissions. Step 4: Open Pokémon Go and turn on Adventure Sync.

How do you fake a location in Pokemon 2020?

Pokemon GO Spoofing on Android

  1. Choose a VPN and register for the service. …
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Fake GPS Location app.
  4. Visit your Android device settings.
  5. In settings, click About Phone.
  6. Click Build Number seven times to turn on developer mode.

Why is adventure sync not working?

Restarting your app may help in this scenario. … Battery-saving modes for Google Fit or Apple Health may also interfere with Adventure Sync, so please ensure those are turned off as well in their individual app settings. Please note that Pokémon GO’s Battery Saver mode will not affect Adventure Sync.

How do I turn on adventure sync on Android?

How to activate Adventure Sync

  1. Tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap on Adventure Sync. You’ll also be prompted to grant permissions for Pokémon GO to access your Apple Health or Google Fit data.

Why won’t Pokemon go track my steps?

Adventure Sync isn’t tracking any fitness progress

Make sure the device has the required sensors to track your distance and steps. Open the Google Fit or Apple Health App to ensure that your device is properly recording your fitness progress. … Under Apps, make sure that Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device.

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Why are my Pokemon eggs not hatching?

There are many reasons why your eggs might not be hatching, despite walking around. If your egg is in an Incubator, and it’s not tracking your walk distance, make sure you have your Adventure Sync turned on in your game’s settings. This will track your walking even when the app is closed.

Why is Google Fit not showing steps?

Go to profile / settings. Make sure that under tracking preferences, tracking activities is on. If it’s on, still try to turn it off and on again.

Why has my Google Fit not tracking steps?

Fit doesn’t track activities at all

Check to make sure that activity detection is turned on. Tap Track activity metrics and make sure that it is turned on.

How long does it take for Google Fit to sync?

It usually takes some time until the synchronized heart rates are visible in the Google Fit application (it can even take up to 24 hours).