How do I move to Ditto?

How do I switch to Ditto?

How do I move my music from another distributor to Ditto?

  1. Find all meta data and original files associated with the music you’d like to move to Ditto.
  2. Issue a takedown request to your current distributor.
  3. Reupload your music to Ditto.

Is Ditto distribution any good?

Ditto Music is one of the best distributors out there. … Their distribution system is also pretty easy to use, and, they distribute music to ALL stores. Their customer support is amazing and I have never complained about them. It’s worth paying for.

Does Ditto remove your music?

You can remove your music from stores at any time. If you’d like to take down your release, you can do this via your account dashboard. Simply scroll down to the My Releases sections of your My Music page.

Is Ditto better than DistroKid?

Ditto. Ditto is a bit like Distrokid – you pay one price a year and you’re able to upload as many songs as you wish with no commission. The difference is that they seem to have better revenue and analytics reports + are a buck cheaper than Distrokid.

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How much does ditto pay per stream?

The royalty returns on streams is approximately 0.003p per stream, but may vary in different territories. The amount paid for downloads will also vary, as stores take a commission between 10-30%.

How does ditto make money?

Ditto music recognizes that and therefore made joining the platform free. Also, the platform lets every artist, musician or songwriter keep 100% of their royalties earned from selling their releases. However, the distribution platforms charge fees and commissions.

How long does it take to release on Ditto?

Your music can be released on Spotify within 3 working days using our Express Release service, however we do generally advise to allow up to 3 weeks for all stores to become live. You can learn more about best practices and what to do before releasing new music here.

How do you professionally release a song?

How To Release a Song

  1. Create your song or album artwork.
  2. Sign up for a music distributor. Schedule your song to be released. Choose which distribution model to use.
  3. Music Promotion Strategies. Playlist Pitching Services. Playlist Push.
  4. Facebook Ads.

Does Ditto distribute music videos?

Through Ditto Music, you can now set up your own VEVO channel and get discovered worldwide on the most popular music video platform out there. Any artists or labels who distribute content via Ditto Music can to set-up their own VEVO channel and receive royalties whenever their music video is viewed on the platform.

How do I leave a ditto song?

If you would like to exit your contract with Ditto Music, please send an email to with your release details, and the stores that you would like your releases removed from. We will then take down your releases and pay out any royalties that are owed to you.

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What happens if you stop paying Ditto Music?

Your releases are at risk of being taken down if you do not keep up with your subscription payments. However due to the amount of releases we have, the release will not automatically be taken down, so if you do wish for your release to be removed, please request a takedown via your Ditto account.

Is Ditto a publisher?

Ditto’s expansion into publishing follows the creation of its London-headquartered Ditto Management arm in March. Speaking to MBW, Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons (pictured) said that Ditto will “be doing everything a publisher does, from signing acts to collecting royalties all over the world”.