Frequent question: Why does Dragonite look like Charizard?

Why did GameFreak make Dragonite so look-related to?

Why is Dragonite so different?

Dragon-Types usually stick to a few different types with the moves they can learn however Dragonite is different because it has one of the largest pool of moves with a bunch of different typings.

Why does Dragonite look dumb?

This is a pretty loose answer but my take on it is Dratini and Dragonair spend majority of their time in water so hence the blue skin tone to match its environment to protect itself and once it evolves into Dragonite it looses the skin color since its not in water all the time and flying.

Why is gyarados not a Dragon?

3 SHOULD BE: Gyarados

What didn’t make sense was that Gyarados did not get a Dragon-typing when it got a Mega Evolution. Instead, it became a Water/Dark-type. While the Dark-typing is fitting, it was still a headscratcher.

Is Dragon claw a good move for Charizard?

Dragon Claw is a must-have Charge Move for Charizard, which is, of course, another dragon-type move. If you combine this move with Dragon Breath, you’ll naturally narrow the type of Pokemon you can be effective against.

Did Dragonair evolve into gyarados?

The fan theory concerning Magikarp’s evolution states that Dragonite was the original final form of Magikarp, with Gyarados being the original evolution of Dragonair. … Gyarados is a huge blue sea serpent, which bears a strong resemblance to the similar form of Dragonair and Dratini.

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Is Dragonite a rare Pokemon?

Dragonite is very rare in the wild, typically living near the sea. Some claim that there is an island somewhere in the ocean that only Dragonite inhabit.

Is Dragonite friendly?

Most Dragonite are very friendly as well as selfless and will rescue anyone lost at sea. However, as shown in one episode, they will go on a rampage if their environment is harmed. They tend to battle Kingdra, their sworn rivals, in the wild.

Is Dragonite the strongest Pokemon?


Dragonite is a bonafide member of the Most Powerful Pokémon. Why? Because this massive Flying Dragon Pokémon is capable of actually flying at over 1,500 mph while being over 7” and 460 pounds.

Why do Dragonite have arms?

One of Wailord’s splashes sent Ash flying into the air, and Dragonair tried to save him. However, its skin was too slippery for Ash to hold on to, so it then proceeded to evolve into Dragonite, gaining arms and legs to save Ash from the fall.