Frequent question: Where can I find Burmy in Pokemon Platinum?

Where do you find Burmy in Pokemon platinum?

Where can I catch a Burmy?

Where To Find Burmy – Plant, Sandy And Trash Cloaks

  • Plant Cloak: Parks, forests, and other grassy locations.
  • Sandy Cloak: Beaches or other sandy areas.
  • Trash Cloak: Urban areas such as towns and cities.

Why is my Burmy pink?

The Burmy will keep whatever coat type it has when it evolves into Wormadam. Burmy can have three different unique coats depending on where you catch it. The green Plant Coat Burmy spawns in grassy areas, the yellow Sandy Cloak Burmy spawns at beaches, and the pink Trash Coat Burmy spawns in urban areas.

How do you get Wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

1 Answer. If you head down Veilstone City, a woman with blonde hair has all 3 Wormadams. By the Spring Path. To catch one, evolve a female Burmy (caught in Honey Trees).

Is Mothim a good Pokemon?

Mothim is another forgotten Bug / Flying-type Pokemon, and for a good reason: he has a crippling 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, making him almost unviable on a competitive team. This, coupled with his paper-thin defenses and several common weaknesses, means that Mothim won’t stay alive for very long.

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Which Wormadam is best?

Best Wormadam

  • Plant Cloak. Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Sand Cloak. Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Trash Cloak. Votes: 15 45.5%
  • I don’t like either of them… Votes: 6 18.2%

Is shiny Burmy rare?

4. Burmy. Having a Shiny Burmy isn’t rare. What makes this Pokémon rare is the fact that there are three versions of Burmy (Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, Trash Cloak) and two different ways it can evolve, into either Mothim or Wormadam, the latter of which also has three different versions.

How do you get the garbage cloak Burmy?

[Games] Where to find/get a Trash Cloak Burmy?

  1. It will be the Plant Cloak if it last battled outside or in tall grass.
  2. It will be the Sandy Cloak if it last battled in a cave, on a beach, or faced a Pokémon from a Honey tree.
  3. It will be the Trash Cloak if it last battled in a building.

What trainer has Lopunny in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum’s Lopunny (Japanese: プラチナのミミロップ Platinum’s Mimilop) is a Pokémon that Platinum owns in Pokémon Adventures and her third overall. She is Platinum’s first capture after starting her journey.

Moves used.

Move First Used In
Focus Blast Shorting Out Electivire
Dizzy Punch Shorting Out Electivire

Where can I find Dustox in Pokemon Platinum?

1 Answer

  1. Cascoon Route 205, Eterna Forest.
  2. Dustox Route 205, 224, 229, Eterna Forest.
  3. Ambipom Evolve aipom at lv 32 and let it learn double hit or battle trainer on route 216.
  4. Gengar Evolve from haunter via link trade or battle trainer on victory road.
  5. Barboach Route 205, 210, 225, 227, 228, Eterna City, Great Marsh, Mt.
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Where can I find gengar in Pokemon Platinum?

3 Answers. A trainer in Victory Road has a Gengar.